Period Pants

I wondered about whether or not to write this post because it’s not really related to James but then I thought about it more and came to the conclusion that periods don’t get talked about enough so  I should write about something that could help women during that dreaded time of the month.  I also want to add that this is not a sponsored post or an ad. It seems that women today are starting to look for more environmentally friendly forms of sanitary protection. Even today on BBC News there is an article talking about menstrual cups and how they are as reliable as pads and tampons. There is even a brief mention about period proof underwear, which for those of us that aren’t keen on trying menstrual cups are certainly another option worth looking into.

Period pants are pants that you have your period in with no need for pads or tampons. I realise this does sound a bit gross, but seriously it’s not. I first heard about period pants when a blogger I follow wrote about them in an unsponsored post, so I figured they might actually work.  I was fascinated by these period pants and went on the website to try and learn about how they work and read more reviews, at the same time getting a bit annoyed that my husband wasn’t sharing my enthusiasm for this new found wonder product. I thought they sounded too good to be true but there was loads of reviews giving positive feedback so it was something I was keen to try.

I eventually got around to buying a pair, they’re quite pricey considering how many pairs you might need for one period. I decided to buy one pair at £21.50 to see if they worked and opted for the heavy absorbency one so I could test them out on my heaviest day. For someone that is not a big fan of tampons, and also finds pads annoying, especially in the warm weather, I was eager to give the period pants a go. Plus the thought of being able to wear them all day without the need for changing them was definitely appealing.  Having James to look after all day means that nipping to the toilet is often quick, and frequently disturbed as James currently likes to sit on my lap at the same time.

I ordered my period pants from a company called Modibodi, however judging by the amount of period pants adverts that come up on my Facebook I think there are several companies that produce them.  I opted for Modibodi’s black classic bikini style and also found a code online for free delivery.  Delivery didn’t take long and once they arrived I was keen to see what they looked like.  Part of me feared they would be really thick or just feel like they had a massive sanitary towel in them.  I was pleased to see that these pants are really soft, yes the gusset is reinforced and a bit thicker than the rest of the pant but if someone saw you wearing them they wouldn’t think you were wearing anything other than normal pants.

The day came to test these pants out.  I was a bit apprehensive worrying about whether they would leak and if I would be walking around with blood stained trousers and not realising.  However, these pants fit me perfectly and felt so comfortable and soft, it was almost like I wasn’t on my period.  There was no sanitary towel to worry about slipping or thinking about whether or not I needed to change it, instead I was comfortable.  I wore these pants after having a shower in the morning until about 4:15 in the afternoon.  What I loved about them was that the absorbency is far better than pads, making you feel a lot dryer, cleaner and keeping you fresh.  What I would say is as the day went on I was aware of how much blood was accumulating in these pants, and although I am sure no one else knew, I no longer felt as fresh as I wanted to.  I do want to add that there was no leaking and the absorbency was still working well, it was more me being paranoid.  I also wanted to change out of them because I was so impressed by them that I wanted to wash them so I could wear them the next day on a trip to Alton Towers. I thought they would be great for a trip to a theme park and was hoping they would just let me forget I was on my period.

To wash the period pants you have to rinse them out in cold water until the water runs clear, you then wash them on a 30 degree cycle without fabric conditioner and allow them to air dry.  The issue I have is that I usually wash my clothes at 40 degrees, because I wonder whether 30 degrees actually gets clothes clean, so I did find I was running a wash cycle at 30 degrees for one pair of pants, which definitely isn’t environmentally friendly, so I need to work on how I can make washing them more efficient.

The period pants dried overnight so that they were ready for me to wear the next day for our trip to Alton Towers.  I thought a theme park was actually a great place to test these pants, but I did pack an extra pair of normal knickers in my bag just in case, after all I was still getting to know how these pants worked for me.  At Alton Towers they were definitely put to the test with a lot of walking and going on rides, and I was really pleased with them.  I didn’t feel I was on my period and I didn’t need to think about when I would change a pad or a tampon.  I didn’t have any worries that they were going to leak and I was really comfortable in them.  That was until about 4PM when I could feel a fair amount of blood had come out.  I went to the toilet to see how these pants were coping and I could see that I now had blood stains at the top of my thighs as the pants must have leaked out of the side.  I was disappointed and told my husband that maybe the period pants aren’t all they are cracked up to be.  I decided to sit on a muslin in the car, as I had lost faith and was expecting them to leak, but they didn’t.  When I got home I was surprised to see that all the blood had been absorbed and the pants were dry again, so I am not sure what happened with the blood on my thighs, because there wasn’t any sign of leaking and I was more clean than if I had used a pad.  The absorbency on these pants is impressive and you definitely feel dryer.

Testing the period pants at Alton Towers


I also wore the period pants on a lighter day and wore them for the full day without any problems and loved them.  I think there is definitely a place for these pants but I am still getting used to how I will use them and I think on heavy days they will be great if I change them half way through the day.  I love how comfortable they are and have since ordered another 5 pairs in a multi buy offer.  I feel good about wearing them because I know that not only they are comfortable but I am also cutting down on landfill waste. So if you want to be more environmentally friendly and don’t fancy giving the menstrual cup a go, why not try period pants?





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